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We want to know as little about you as possible. We don’t do any page-visit-analysing, data-gathering, IP address-logging, email-scraping, footprint-recording or personal info-harvesting. Trust us. We’re just not that interested in you.

We’re racking our brains trying to think of anything we do collect. Probably your email address. If you email us. Obviously. But in case our techno-capitalist or government overlords are listening, here’s a bit more detail.

General Data Protection Regulations

According to the GDPR we have to:

  • tell you what data we’re collecting on you
  • tell you how we use it
  • give it to you if you ask, in an easily digestible way
  • delete it if you ask (whether nicely or not).

The data we’re collecting on you
None. Except your email address if you email us. Durr.

How we use it
To reply to your email. We don’t share it, sell it or make one of those flappy plane advert things that gets pulled across the sky. The only conceivable (and legal) reason we’d hand over your email address to anyone is if the police or government asked us to as part of some kind of heavy criminal investigation.

Giving it to you if you ask, in an easily digestible way
Very, very, very weirdly, if you don’t want us to have your email address anymore, you have to email us. See? Odd. (You could phone us to avoid some kind of privacy wormhole.)

Deleting it if you ask
Ask. We’ll delete it.


Websites use cookies to run smoothly and do things like check language or auto-fill address boxes. We use the absolute minimum of cookies needed for this website to work properly. We don’t use cookies to see what pages you’re landing on, which pages you linger on or which you don’t, or to personalise anything at all. Because firstly this website’s really only one page and because secondly we can’t be arsed.

Looking after your data

This website is hosted and backed up through Siteground who are GDPR-compliant. If you email us, we’ll store your email address on a password-protected laptop and on a password-protected Microsoft Exchange server. That’s it.

Changes to this policy

If we make any big changes to this policy, we’ll email you to tell you (if we have your email address, obvs). If it’s just clarifying tweaks, we won’t. Changes to this policy start when we publish them.


We’re literally right here.

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